Nano Growth Technology

Efficiency of HERBAGREEN is proven in many researches conducted in Europe (France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Bulgaria, ...), Asia (China, India, ...) and South America (Chile, Columbia, ...).

Effects of HERBAGREEN:

1. Recreation of vegetal vitality
  2. Increase of yields and yield stability
  3. Faster and better growth
  4. Growth improvement of seedlings
  5. Crop maturity up to 14 days earlier
  6. Better storing and transport capacity of the fruits due to an increased texture stability
      by enhanced calcium supply
  7. Increase of sugar rate, vitamins and flavonoids, due to physiological reactions
      of calcium and CO2. Result: healthier products!
  8. Intensification of aroma and all the other sensory properties
  9. Increase of vegetal immunity due to solid leaf structure
10. The leaf gets a more intensive green colouring and becomes generally more resistant
      to pest attack and fungal disease, reducing the need of pesticides.
 11. Reduction of deficiency symptoms and diseases
 12. Less hydrous stress due to more vitality
 13. Water saving due to more efficient use of limited water resources


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